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This Earth is home to a billionaire version of Peter Parker. Compared to Earth-616, everything seems to be much more technologically advanced and peaceful. This world can be seen as an alternate reality where Peter Parker suffered no hardships at all, most notably seen because his uncle Ben is still alive. Because of this, nothing held Peter back in acclaiming large amounts of fame and fortune. In this universe, Peter succeeded in founding a multi-billion dollar tech company, while also being a famous and beloved superhero, similar to Tony Stark. Another difference is that in this word, Peter is engaged to Gwen Stacy rather than Mary Jane Watson.

This world was home to the final battle between Spider Carnage and the Peter Parker from Earth-92131. Spider Carnage tried a second attempt on destroying the Multiverse and fled to this earth to do so. He worked together with this world's version of Wilson Fisk to trap Spider-Man in order to prevent him from stopping his plans. Spider-man is soonafter freed by Gwen Stacy and both try to defeat Spider-Carnage using a sonic rifle. Unfortunately, they are stopped by Wilson Fisk, allowing Spider-Carnage to escape with Gwen as his hostage. Spider-Man pursues him, realizing that he should not try to defeat Spider-Carnage, but to understand him, as Spider-Carnage is another version of him. Spider-Man knows that there is only one person that Peter Parker will always listen to; Uncle Ben, who is alive in this reality.

Spider-man arrives with uncle Ben, who tries to convince Spider-Carnage to let go of the Carnage symbiote. Being unable to do so, Spider-Carnage opens a black hole with the Time-Dilation device and jumps into it, killing himself. Spider-man and uncle Ben say their farewells to each other. Spider-man then returns to his own reality, leaving this reality peaceful once more. It can be assumed that the Peter Parker from this reality returned and resumed his lavish lifestyle. [1]


  • Peter also has a robot sidekick.

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