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Earth-312 was one of the many realities fractured due to the exploration of the multiverse by the Timebreakers. It is a slower-moving reality in which the modern age of heroes was just beginning. The last super-humans recorded as being active on this Earth were Captain America and the Invaders during World War II. Presumably, the history of this world is similar to that of Earth-616 up until the modern era.

In this reality, Reed Richards launched his rocket into space, much like he did on Earth-616, an event that gave birth to this reality's Fantastic Four. The reality hopping Exiles were sent to this reality to insure that "nobody died". However, while they thought they had to merely insure that the Fantastic Four survived their rocket crash back on Earth, they soon realized that their mission was far more difficult. When Ben Grimm mutated into the Thing, he did so in a more savage form and went on a rampage through New York City[1].

With the newly empowered Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and Johnny Storm, the Exiles tried to subdue the Thing while preventing any civilian casualties caused by his rampage. Realizing that they needed to stabilize the Thing's mutation, the Exile's Morph accompanied Reed Richards to work with Tony Stark and Otto Octavius in creating a device that would do this. During this period the Exile's Mimic fought the Thing on his own. Although the Thing was cured, Mimic was severely injured causing him to succumb to the Brood embryo that his healing factor had been fighting off after a six month stay on Earth-2942[2].

With the help of the newly formed Fantastic Four, the Exiles managed to administer a cure and eliminate the Brood queen growing inside Mimic, but not before their teammate Sunfire was killed in battle[3].


Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing), Tony Stark, Otto Octavius


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