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Quote1 There's a dimension devoid of almost all life because of a nuclear disaster... Quote2


Earth-3145 is home to Ben Parker, who became Spider-Man in this reality. However, he retired Spider-Man after his wife May and nephew Peter were killed by the Emerald Elf. Soon, Ben accepted Ezekiel's offer to hide in a bunker while the Inheritors were hunting spider totems. Afterwards, an incident with Doctor Octopus caused this reality to go through a devastating nuclear war, leaving the Earth an uninhabitable wasteland.[1]

During the Great Hunt, Silk accidentally teleported to this reality, where she discovered Ben still alive, hiding in a bunker at Sims Towers.[2] The Spider-People eventually trapped the Inheritors in there because of their weakness of radiation,[3] but they would later plot their escape and transport their consciousness to Earth-616.[4]


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