After the Adorable X-Babies were sent through a portal[1] they seemingly arrived on this reality. Here they set up a new life and became the home of Xavier's Playtime Fun School of Gifted Youngsters. Sometime later, the Exiles were brought to this reality by the Tallus where they recruited Wolvie to the team just before the Time-Eater arrived and consumed this reality.[2] This reality was presumably restored after the TIme-Eater was defeated.[3]


  • Though the Appendix notes this being the reality seen in Exiles Vol 3 #2, Exiles writer Saladin Ahmed has stated that the version of Wolvie (and by extension the rest of the Adorable X-Babies) were those created by Mr. Veech in X-Babies.[4] It could be possible that Earth-32518 is simply the end destination of the X-Babies after they were sucked out of the Mojoverse.

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