When Thor decided to move Asgard to hover above New York City,[1] many of the powers that be wanted him gone. After the Consortium of Nations staged a massive assault on Asgard, causing its destruction, and the deaths of untold tens of thousands of both humans and Asgardians, Thor resolved to stay and fight for his dream. But him killing his own humanity in the form of Jake Olson was the linchpin event, resulting in him no longer being worthy of Mjolnir.[2]

By the year 2020, Thor had rebuilt Asgard and having merged it with New York City, to result in the splendor of New Asgard. But there were already factions working to still stop his advancement. Jane Foster had helped Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch) give birth to a second daughter, Kya,[3] who would one day more than 100 years later, help plant the seeds of Lord Thor's reign coming to an end.

In the year 2170, Lord Thor has almost completely consolidated his hold over the entire Earth.[4] Thor has given mortals the opportunity to have everything they need. There is more than enough food for everyone. Most every illness can be cured by sorcerers. No one is valued more than another. There are enclaves of musicians and artists; others pursue knowledge, philosophy, or other means of personal improvement. Thor has abolished borders and religions, and now areas that have known war for centuries know true peace. Asgardian science has allowed mortals to harness the power of Midgard's core in order to energize communities on the surface. The energy is transmitted through the dimension of magic, from one gigantic jewel to the next. It's clean, efficient, infinite, and perfect for man's needs.[citation needed]

But man has ever been a restless beast. For some, this is not paradise. While others work to better themselves, several do nothing at all but waste their days. Since there is no longer a need to work, some do not and spend their lives in a constant state of illicit drugs; some hide their former religion, holding on to past lives and beliefs.[citation needed]

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