On Earth-374, Proctor, an alternate version of the Black Knight, was the leader of the Avengers. Proctor fell madly in love with Sersi, who made him her Gann Josin (the life mate of an Eternal). But eventually Sersi grew bored with Proctor and left him, driving him mad. Proctor also fell victim to the blood curse of his version of the Ebony Blade. However, instead of resisting the curse like the Black Knight of Earth-616, Proctor embraced it. Through the curse and his Gann Josin status, Proctor gained incredible powers. The Sersi of Proctor's Earth was apparently driven insane by him through their Gann Josin link and destroyed the Earth. Proctor alone survived, and killed his Sersi with the Ebony Blade. Somehow traveling to another dimension following his own dimension's destruction, Proctor repeated the process by which he killed his own Sersi and drove this Sersi mad as well, and then killed her. He then found the last survivor of this reality: Ute the Watcher. Ute lay near death as the world was in its death throes, and Proctor took Ute and used his power to seek out other dimensions. He then embarked on a quest that would dominate him for the rest of his life: to kill every single version of Sersi in every dimension, concluding with killing the Sersi of Earth-616 and collapsing all reality as well.

Mentioned:Avengers #344 (1992)
First Actually Seen: Avengers #374 (1994)

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