On this world, giant monsters roam the Earth, known as Kaiju. the first Kaiju to appear was Giganto which destroyed an experimental geothermal facility. Saving the world as the facility would have collapsed the tectonic structure of the planet's crust. Within 10 years that followed, many more kaiju appeared. The world came to learn that there were two types of kaiju, antigenic and pathogenic. Those that are pathogenic (e.g. Krakoa and Fin Fang Foom) are a cancer on Earth which must be destroyed. While the antigenic kaiju (e.g. Goom and Giganto) are the antibodies created by Earth's biosphere to deal with threats, which may be man-made or another kaiju. When it comes to the good kaiju, governments evacuate the civilians and do their best to steer antigenes to reduce the damage. Antigen kaiju are thought of as being similar to wildfires that renew forests.

The Exiles arrived on this world just in time to save the Science Squad from Krakoa, a humanoid shaped living island over a 100 ft tall. Sensing the mutants on board the Science Squad aircraft, Krakoa attempted to eat them but failed. Fin Fang Foom appeared in Japan, devastating the countryside and was confronted by the Science Squad whose vehicles merged to form Red Ronin. Which was destroyed by Fin Fang Foom, though Blink saved its pilots in time. He was then manipulated by Blink to seek out Krakoa. Fin Fang Foom was consumed by Krakoa which turned into a swarm of mini-monsters, after which Krakoa reverted back into an island.[1]

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