The reality where the 1978 TV show and The Incredible Hulk movie took place in, along with the series' spin-off TV movies. It starred Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk and Bill Bixby as David Banner.[1][2][3][4][5]

  • Lou Ferrigno starred in the television series of the same name as the titular character, opposite Bill Bixby, who portrayed the Bruce Banner persona.
  • In the television series, Banner's first name was changed to David for the series, this is because, according to the DVD commentary of the pilot of The Incredible Hulk, series creator Kenneth Johnson says that it was a way to honor his late son David and also according to Stan Lee, Universal changed the name because "Bruce Banner" sounded, in the eyes of the network, like a "gay character" name, and David sounded much better ("Bruce" ultimately became the TV Banner's middle name, as it had been in the comics. It is visible on Banner's tombstone at the end of the pilot episode).
  • In the series, David Banner was given a younger sister, Dr. Helen Banner. According to Kenneth Johnson, there were plans to bring her back for a later episode, where she'd be revealed to suffer from a blood disease and need a blood transfusion from David. However, the show's cancellation killed this idea. However, the plans did prompt Marvel into creating She-Hulk, in order to guarantee ownership of the rights to the character, if the show ever introduced a female Hulk.

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