Earth-4040 is a unique universe in the multiverse where history and events happened much differently than they did in most other realities. Most notably, this reality (at least as far as present information indicates) is completely devoid of super-humans.

Unique Realms

Earth-4040 is unique in that it has a dimensional portal located in an undisclosed location in the deserts of Egypt. Those who pass through the portal find themselves in another dimension that is seemingly timeless, and those there would never age. Up until the 1940's, this portal was one, so that those who passed through the portal were trapped there. The realm is a land of strange creatures, such as giant lizards (possibly dinosaurs who were trapped in past years). Also unique to this dimension as the Demon People, demonic looking creatures that live in a technologically advanced society. It is unknown if they originated from this realm, or were an early species that predated humanity and were trapped on this world. In any event, they are aware of the Earth dimension and at least in recent history, their leader Mubahn would seek to conquer it. The Demon People would be located in a city that was referred to as the "Demon City" by those trapped there.

The humans trapped in this realm would build a city of their own called "The City of the Mirage" or the "Miracle City". Due to the timeless nature of the realm, those gifted in science such as the inventor named Zanoba who passed into this dimension 15,000 years in the past, were able to build an advanced society. However, despite their advances, they would not be able to come up with the means of passing back through the barrier[1].


Presumably, history on Earth-4040 carried on like it did on most worlds, and in the 1940's World War II had begun. This is the point in which the most common history would diverge on Earth-4040 from other realities.

In 1944, Ann Barclay's plane would crash in the desert and she too would end up passing through the portal into the other dimension and find herself trapped there.

By 1945, America had entered the war and was battling the Japanese in Africa. American pilot Kurt "Breeze" Barton would be shot down over Egypt and crash land. Surviving the crash, he would try to reach civilization and pass out when near dehydration. He would accidentally pass through the portal and find himself trapped in the other dimension. While getting acquainted with Ann, Zanoba and his predicament, Breeze would suggest using magnetism to reverse the polarity of the portal, suggesting that it might allow them to pass back to Earth. However, before Zanoba could test this theory he would be captured by the Demon People. Eventually, Breeze would slay Mubahn and free his enslaved people[1].


Utilizing Zanoba's magnetic device, Breeze and Ann would return to Earth to learn that 50 years had passed since they left Earth. With on going war, society had crumbled and only a remaining handful of humans cling to what is left of civilization, although most had devolved to savagery. Deciding to rebuild society, Barton would gather the remaining civilized men and overthrow the tyrannical ruler of a group of savages, winning them over to his cause[2].

Later, Barton and his followers would begin building a fort and become a target of Sabarr and his gang of thieves. Barton would be forced to slay Sabarr, and his minions would surrender agreeing to join Bartons cause as well. Barton and Ann would leave the others in order to continue exploring their world[3].

If their attempt at rebuilding society has been successful or not remains unrevealed.

Breeze Barton, Ann Barclay, Zanoba, Mubahn, Demon People, Frenchie, Sabar

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