History on Earth-40800 is a future world that appears to be unique to the Mutliverse and is apparently devoid of super-humans that are commonly found in most other realities. In the year 2150 AD, the human race had expanded into the stars, colonizing many of the planets and moons in the Solar System. Rocket racing had become a popular sport, with races between planets being the common competition. The most popular of these rocket racers was Comet Pierce.

Unique to this world was the planet Martian Zoranthus, that was ruled by Queen Laraina until she was forced out by the evil Golak who took over her planet. Seeking to free her people, Laraina formed a resistance movement. Her forces stationed themselves on the planet Saturn.

While racing his opponent Jort, Comet Pierce found that his opponent had sabotaged his rocket, causing him to crash. Pierce was rescued and nursed back to health by Laraina, a long time admirer of Comet. She left before he was well enough to leave, and he found that she had repaired his rocket and equipped it with a more powerful engine. He used it to win the race and then tracked Laraina to Saturn. Telling her that he knew who she really was, Comet joined her rebellion.[1]

The fate of this rebellion remains unrecorded.

Comet Pierce, Jort, Queen Laraina, Murfi, Golak (mentioned)

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