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This reality shared the same history as Earth-TRN414 up until Deadpool's girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle was murdered in revenge by Sergei Valishnikov, a criminal targeted by Deadpool that he let go. Following a series of events in which Deadpool formed X-Force to save the mutant Firefist from the time-traveller Cable and in turn allied himself with Cable to prevent Firefirst from becoming evil in the first place, Wade made use of Cable's time-travelling technology to go back in time and prevent Vanessa's death, obviously just leads to the creation of another timeline. [1]



  • According to Deadpool 2 co-writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, Deadpool's use of time-travel to save Vanessa Carlysle effectively invalidated the subsequent events of the movie.[2]
  • Prior to being given an official designation, this reality was known as Earth-TRN678 as part of our Temporary Reality Number system.

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