Reality-4263 is a future world in the year 3050 AD. Available evidence suggests that its history matches that of most other Earths until the latter half of the 20th Century. In 1942, during the height of this reality's version of World War II, the Allied Forces were making a significant progress to cause Adolf Hitler to worry about his ability to take over the world. Using a newly invented of suspended animation using chemical ice, Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Göring and Nazi hypnotist Von Schalz placed themselves in suspended animation until exactly 1109 years have passed[1].

It is unknown how history played out in the two centuries that passed, or if this reality ever spawned any super-human beings like many others in the multiverse. The human race would develop advanced technology, such as sophisticated scanners with video screens, rocket ships, laser weapons and so on. The United States of America would endure as a free country and a major world power. Exclusive to this reality were a subterranean race of beings referred to as Undergrounders. In the year 3050 they were ruled by an evil being who referred to himself as the "Fuhrer", likely inspired by Hitler. By this time, US military's ranks included Captain Daring and his female colleague Susan Parker.

When the Undergrounders would seek to invade the surface world and take over the United States, Captain Daring would lead Parker and others in defending their home country. Fighting the Undergrounders to defeat their leader the Fuhrer would be slain. Parker would be installed as the Undergrounders new queen and she would enact a system of government that enshrined the same freedoms and rights as the United States despite being a monarchy[2].

With peace restored, Captain Daring would return to Washington D.C. where he and his army would be attacked by a ship piloted by the recently revived Hitler, Goring, Goebbels and Von Schalz. Confronting Captain Daring, Hitler would explain how they managed to survive until the 31st Century. Hypnotized by Von Shalz, Captain Daring would be used as Hitler's tool to resume his conquest of the world, and would hope to use the Earth's advanced weapons on war to take over the universe as well[1].

If Hitler succeeded in his mission remains unrevealed.

Captain Daring, Susan Parker, Undergrounders, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbles, Hermann Göring, Von Schalz

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