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Quote1 The Great Society was formed four years ago after Archetypes of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. fell during The Invasion. Six heroes of the Anti-Heroic Age, the Society-- Outcasts all--Banded together to repel the mad science of the Xeno-Geneticists. Men were not meant to be remade by alien Gods, and when those Gods were cast out, the Age of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. had ended and the Great Society had begun. They saved the world and were lifted up as saviors. Their home was a temple-- a monument erected for The Science Games. A tower pointing towards the stars, and possibly something beyond even that. They were the greatest heroes their world had ever seen. They should have been enough. Quote2
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Earth-4290001 is a universe of more arcane nature than mainstream realities such as Earth-616.[1] Its Great Society had attempted to defend their Earth from the threat of the incursions until one occured with Earth-616. At the end of a battle with the latter's Illuminati, their Earth was destroyed by Namor with an antimatter bomb.[2]


Anti-Heroic Age[]

During the Anti-Heroic Age, Sun God, the Norn, the Jovian, the Rider, Doctor Spectrum, and Boundless were outcast heroes:[3]

  • An aquanaut,[4] Nenet encountered a strange glowing rock while exploring the depths of the Ocean,[5] bonded with the stone and became Doctor Spectrum.[3] The Prism was possibly the creation of the Kree, a reclusive "magical" race.[1]
  • The Norn was a mystic young man, though Doctor Strange of Earth-616 didn't believed he had the gift and asserted the Norn had in fact been gathering, or rather stealing, items of power for most of his life.[6]

Age of J.U.S.T.I.C.E.[]

The Earth faced an invasion from the combined forces of the Kree (along their Kree Sentries) and the Skrulls. The Earth's super heroes, on a team known as the Archetypes of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. (including Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Namor, Psylocke, Wolverine and others), attempted to fight off the invasion, but fell to the invaders. The Xeno-Geneticists experimented on Men as gods.

A group of outcast heroes banded together to form the Society, and were able to cast out the alien "gods".[3]

Great Society[]

As the Xeno-Geneticists were defeated, the Age of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. gave way to the Great Society. They were seen as saviors, and the Tower, their home was a temple, "a monument erected for the Science Games".[3]


Four years later, this reality faced numerous incursions, but the Great Society was able to fend all of them off. The Great Society managed to defeat Sidera Maris, Black Priest (which helmet they used),[3] and Mapmakers.[7] On one occasion, they even used a Wishing Box to phase their Earth and universe out of phase and evade an incursion, but the Box was destroyed in the process.[8] Another incursion claimed the lives of over one hundred people.[3]

Destruction of Earth[]

Earth-4290001 from New Avengers Vol 3 22 001

After destroying another world, battling the Sidera Maris and even Mapmakers, another incursion began instants later with Earth-616,[7] and met with the Illuminati. As the two groups bickered about what should be done, the Illuminati's Namor engaged the fight,[9] and the Great Society vanquished. Namor in order to prevent an incursion with their reality, as the other Illuminati wouldn't do it.[10] and Earth-4290001 was destroyed by their Antimatter Injection System.[11] Doctor Spectrum was spared by Black Bolt who caused the Prism to teleport her away.[1]


Items of Power[]

On this Earth, the Infinity Gems took the shape of "Forever Glass", sheets of material capable of altering reality, which when brought together, form a six-sided "Wishing Box", the counterpart to the Gauntlet, which can do anything the wielder wishes.[8]

The Power Prism was a bright and colorful crystal whose energies were the same that coursed through the Inhumans of Earth-616, possibly created by the "magical" race known as the Kree,[1] and granting various powers.


Doctor Spectrum invoked the name of deities such as Thoth,[1] Ra and Set.[12]

Points of Interest



  • This world's version of the Great Sphinx has the head of En Sabah Nur.[7]
  • Many of this reality's heroes are pastiches of DC Comics' characters.
  • There are a number of inconsistencies around this reality's Kree:
    • In their initial appearance, they appeared identical to mainstream realities' military Kree, with their usual uniform and Sentries. They were also, with the Skrulls, known as the Xeno-Geneticists, and attempted to experiment on humans, much like the Kree did on Earth-616 with the Inhumans.
    • According to Doctor Spectrum, "they're like a kind a reclusive wizard race", and Queen Medusa hypothesized that the Kree had created the Power Prism, and that its energies were the same that coursed through the Inhumans.[1]

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