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Publication History[]

Razorline is a Marvel Comics imprint that ran from 1993-1995, created by filmmaker and horror/fantasy novelist Clive Barker and existing in one of the several alternate Marvel universes.

The four interrelated titles, based on Barker's detailed premises, titles and lead characters, were Ectokid (written first by James Robinson, then by future The Matrix co-creator Lana Wachowski, with art by Steve Skroce), Hokum & Hex (written by Frank Lovece, art by Anthony Williams), Hyperkind (written by Fred Burke, art by Paris Cullins), and Saint Sinner #1 (written by Elaine Lee, art by Max Douglas). Marcus McLaurin was the editor. The four were preceded by a one-shot sampler: Razorline: First Cut.

As Barker described:

Quote1 I wanted to do a superhero comic, something which would be my take on what superheroes were going to be like in the '90s... Hyperkind fell into that category. I wanted to do something that was magical and mystical in the way that Doctor Strange was and still is. Doctor Strange was one of my favorite comics from when I was a kid. So I suppose Hokum & Hex is my take on that. Ectokid, which is perhaps the second weirdest of the bunch, is a kind of dream story for the 15-year-old that's still alive to me — the tale of an adolescent who lives in two worlds and has access to a whole other sphere of reality. And Saint Sinner is just a wild one, the series which hopefully will press the limits of what comics can do. Quote2
Clive Barker Revelations: "Interviews 1993 (Part Two)"

Although generally superhero comics with a Comics Code seal, they were often racked with horror and unrated comics, a factor that entered into the Razorline's short run of seven to nine issues each. Two one-shots followed: Hyperkind Unleashed (which included a "Hokum & Hex" prose short story) and Ectokid Unleashed (which included a "Saint Sinner" prose short story).

Before the cancellations, several issues of four subsequent series were in various stages of completion: Wraitheart (written by Frank Lovece, art by Hector Gomez), Schizm (written by Fred Burke), Mode Extreme (written by Sarah Byam), and Fusion Force. These were to have begun blending the Razorline into primary Marvel continuity; Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents including Jimmy Woo, for instance, guest-starred in Wraitheart #5; the Punisher was to have guest-starred in "Mode Extreme" #5.

A 2002 Barker telefilm titled Saint Sinner bore no relation to the comic. "I was always disappointed with the way that Marvel handled that entire line of comics, particularly Saint Sinner. I thought that's a waste of a good title. It was something that called for finding a new life in some way or another".[1]

In 2005, the appendix page of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe one-shot involving alternate universes revealed that the Earth of the Razorline imprint is designated as Earth-45828. Relatively real-world, without other superheroes, it includes Marvel Comics as a comic-book publisher, with Razorline characters making references to "X-Men comics" and to Marvel editor Stan Lee's Fantastic Four writing.


Clive Barker:: "I loved many of the Razorline characters, and it was always a sadness to me that our work in the medium was ill-timed. As you probably know, the Razorline material was produced at a time when the comics industry was about to go through one of its worst shake-ups. Marvel almost disappeared entirely. Razorline was a victim of Marvel's downsizing. Very sad".[2]

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