Earth-483 was set in the late period of the Wild West, when many western heroes and villains had passed away and were interred in Rango's cemetery. A few living Western figures, such as Hurricane, were retired. Colonel Brett Sabre was running a Wild West show funded by Stark Enterprises similar to Buffalo Bill's Wild West, with Red Wolf's Cheyenne braves working for him.

A version of the zombie virus (that was strongly akin to that seen in George Romero's movies) breached into this universe from a meteorite and landed in Rango's cemetery, spewing extraterrestrial gas that revived the dead. It was involved in a Planestorm (Permutations of Highly Unusual Incident manifesting across Multiple Alterniverses) of highly virulent Incident Type MZ ( Mass Posthuman Population Conversion).The zombie gunslingers attacked Rango until all were killed by Hurricane and his daughter Jacali "Jackie" Kane, but at the cost of Hurricane's life.

The world was under Per Quaratine Protocol 12b, forbidden A.R.M.O.R, personnel to visit there until further notice.[1]

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