Earth-49121 is one of the many possible futures that may come to pass on Earth-616. By the 30th Century humanity had advanced technology to great levels creating a full automated society that was run by robots, creating a civilization that was devoid of any independent thoughts. They were ruled by his Excellency. At some time in the 30th Century, his Excellency ordered his scientist Kall to travel back in time to the year 1949 of Earth-616 to capture specimens from that era to put in a zoo. Among those brought to the future was the heroine the Blonde Phantom who eventually broke free from her bonds and used hypnosis to force his Excellency to bring them back to their own time. She forced his Excellency to remain in the past, his fate is unknown.[1]

The fate of this reality is unknown.


The 30th Century of Earth-49121 is an advanced one. They have entire armies of robots that are programmed to carry out complex tasks, including repairing themselves and building more robots. These automations are completely subservient and tend to the needs of the humans living in this reality.

They have created advanced weaponry and defensive devices, including "Petrification Rays" that immobilize their targets, and force fields. They have a network of "Taxi Cabs" that are in reality teleportation devices that send the user to any location they desire, tractor beams, intangible walls and more.

This world also has developed time travel technology allowing them to travel back and fourth to the past. However, in travelling through time they create divergent realities, as when Kall travelled back in time he ended up on Earth-616.

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