By the late 37th to early 39th century of the 4935 reality, Apocalypse rose to power and ruled most of the world, killing anyone openly opposed to his regime. The only opposition was a quiet belief in the Twelve, mutants who battled Apocalypse in the modern era, by the Order of the Witnesses.[1]

Many people from other realities have visited this timeline, the most notable of whom were: Rachel Summers, who directly opposed Apocalypse and founded the Clan Askani (as well as inspiring the founding of the Clan Rebellion and Clan Chosen);[2] Tanya Trask, who traveled back to her native time to stop her father, Dr. Bolivar Trask, from creating the first Sentinels and attempted to destroy the Twelve by uploading their history into the Master Mold program;[1] Nathan Summers, the Clan Askani's "Askani'son", who defeated Apocalypse, founded the Clan Chosen, and returned to his native time to become Cable.[3][4]

Andrei Cutov, Apocalypse, Askani'son, Aurron, Bolt, Blaquesmith, Boak, Canaanites, Ch'Vayre, Clan Askani, Clan Chosen, Clan Rebellion, Columbus, Conduit, Cromwell, Daegon, Diamanda Nero, Diogenes Chang, Dawnsilk, Tyler Dayspring, A.D.A.M. Unit Eleven, A.D.A.M. Unit Zero, Fossil, Gyak, Malachi Hark, Tribune Haight, Hope, Aliya Jenskot, Kestle, Kyrie, Lark, Lexii, Loog, Luminesca, Madame Sanctity, Magal, Marmelzat, Mathus, Mother Askani, Mui, New Canaanites, Nigel Novotny, Obsydian, Order of Witnesses, Ozana, ‘Strator Porous, Prxuse, Qua, Scions of Apocalypse, Sepulcher, Siddard, Silo, Sister Askani (Preservation), Sister Askani (Vigilance), Skerrit, Adam Spectre, Jon Spectre, Squy'rr, Strfye, Commander Syrus, Tetherblood, Triptych, Throeblood, Prior Turrin, 'Strator Umbridge, Xavier Collective

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