The precise history of this world is unknown, but it would appear that it was originally mostly the same as Earth-616, save for the fact that the Avengers never disbanded. As a result, the Avengers were alerted when the powerful Titannus came to Earth, tracking him down and agreeing to his request for help, only to learn after they followed him to his homeworld that he had actually been brainwashed with a tragic story that the Avengers would accept and was in reality a means to get Earth's heroes offworld so that the Trellions could attack it. The Wasp was killed instantly, Hank Pym was announced missing in action, and Captain America was executed to break the spirits of the remaining Avengers. It took five years for the reserve Avengers to rescue the team, and another five before the Trellions were convinced to leave Earth alone. At some point in this time frame, Reed Richards made an unknown fatal mistake that led to the deaths of many, and the Iron Man of this timeline took on the familiar trappings of Doctor Doom to oppose Richards. This twisted version of Tony Stark was later banished to Earth-616 as part of a plan to get rid of him without killing him, and has attempted to return home without success.

Earth-5012 differs from the main reality in many ways, among them:

  • The Human Torch was murdered by Tony Stark.[1]
  • Mister Fantastic is apparently much smarter than his Earth-616 counterpart [2]
  • There are two Hulks on his world, Bruce Banner and Hank Pym. Stark was able to identify our Hulk based on his diminished intellect, indicating Pym may retain his intellect in Hulk form, but still remains functionally identical to the typical Hulk[2].
  • Peter Parker may have never become Spider-Man, because Stark stated "I've never even heard of you (Spider-Man)." [3]
  • Captain America and Black Widow appear to be dead. Stark may have been in love with his Widow[3].
  • All of these changes happened after the "Titannus War."[3]

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