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Takuya Yamashiro was a motorcross driver, son of the astrophysicist Dr. Hiroshi Yamashiro and man who would become his realities Spider-Man. WHilst practising on his motorbike, Takuya began to recieve telepathic messages from Garia calling out to him. His sister, Shinko and Hitomi Sakuma asked for his assistance in investogating the crashed Leopardon but Takuya refused as he had his own race. His father accepted this and set out with Shinko and Hitomi. Later, before leaving for the contest, Takuya recieved more messages from Garia and went to investigate. In the mountains he found Hitomi and Shinko who told Takuya their father had been attacked. Takuya found his dying father and his father asked him to continue his father's work into discovering what alien invaders were trying to conquer earth. After his father died, Takuya was attacked by the Iron Cross Army and gravely injured and he fell into the cave where Garia was inprisoned. Garia saved his life by giving him the Spider Bracelet and Spider Extract and informed Takuya about the invasion of Professor Monster and his own history. [1]

Back at his house, Garia told him of his new costume and abilities and tested them out, before discovering the Iron Cross Army had kidnapped Professor Fujita. Spider-Man set out and confronted the group and freed the Professor. He was then attacked by his first Machine Bem monster Boukunryu and found himself unable to defeat the monster, until he summoned Leopardon and unleashed it's sword vigor and destroyed Boukunryu, vowing to defeat the rest of the Iron Cross Army.[1]


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