Earth-51977 would diverge from Earth-616 on the fateful day that Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider. On this world, the spider was bombarded with an even stronger dose of radiation, so that when it bit Peter it would cripple him instead of endow him with the powers that would turn him into Spider-Man on most worlds. Learning of Peter's accident, his Aunt May and Uncle Ben would rush to the hospital where May would suffer a fatal heart attack. Confined to a wheelchair thereafter, Peter would grow bitter and blame himself for her death and come to believe that he was bad luck. He would make friends with Betty Brant who would try to talk him out of this way of thinking, but to no avail.

Over the years, Peter would pour himself into his work and cut himself off emotionally from other people concerning all around him including his teacher Professor Miles Warren. Working late one night in the lab, Peter would be the random human chosen by Rhomann Dey to receive the power of Nova. This power would also restore Peter's ability to walk and he would enjoy his newfound power. Flying home he would spot a burglar breaking into his home and would rush to stop him. Peter would save his Uncle Ben from being shot, however the bullet would bounce off his invulnerable body and kill the burglar. Peter would come down hard on himself, believing that his bad luck cost this man his life, not willing to accept the fact that he acted in self defense.

Calling the police, Peter would attempt to have them arrest him for murder, however they would also have the same opinion as his Uncle Ben that Peter was a hero. Thinking that these new powers were a curse, Peter would throw out his Nova costume and continue his troubled life.

Nova, May Parker, Ben Parker, Betty Brant, Miles Warren, Dennis Carradine

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