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In Israel, Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller convinced Magneto to spare Baron Strucker and to work in Xavier. Decades later, the X-Men had played a major role in the world as a force for justice and peace. Strucker had been convicted as a war criminal and sentenced to death. A peace treaty had been signed by Palestine and Israel. Kenya elected Ororo Munroe to be their president. Magneto and Gabrielle Haller were married and Xavier was an adviser to the President of the United States, and had weekly meetings with the heads of the Federal Security Bureau, the National Security Council, the National Security Affairs, and the Weird Happenings Organization.

Bolivar Trask considered mutants a threat to the human race, and with his son controlling one of the world's most powerful corporations, posed a dangerous threat to mutant kind. Valerie Cooper advised Xavier that the President needed him to broker negotiations with Genosha, as he was the only one they trusted. At the Xavier Institute, all the mutants that had been found so far by Xavier were at the institute but they suspected there were far more out there but lacked the means to find them until their powers manifested in public or were brought to the institute. Dr. Hank McCoy brought Jean Grey to the institute, hoping they could help her. Unnoticed by all, a man left a small device at institute. Colonel Vazhin of Russia introduced Xavier to Peter Rasputin, trained by the Black Widow herself. Wolverine and Mystique working security, pulled over a freight truck leading a convoy. The scanner inside revealed that the policewoman (Mystique) who pulled them over was a mutant and the driver shot her in the face with a shotgun. Logan and Mystique then attacked the truck, and realizing that they've been discovered the convoy of trucks launched their cargo toward the institute.

Back at the institute, Xaviar was discussing with McCoy the case of Jean Grey who had been in a coma since childhood due to psychological trauma, but had recently begun to exhibit paranormal abilities. Later Kitty Pride took McCoy and Peter on a tour of the Institute which included its underground bunker complex and all the tech they had. Erik (Magneto) used his powers on Jean Grey, and was able to determine that her abilities were similar to that of Xavier. While discussing her condition, the institute came under attack by Sentinels. Which being made of plastics and ceramics were immune to Magneto's powers. Kitty and Peter headed to the surface and engaged the Sentinels, quickly taking one out. Sage and McCoy reached the surface afterwards and opened up on the Sentinels with sniper rail-gun rifles firing depleted uranium rounds, and took out another one. Logan and Mystique arrived at that moment in one of the trucks, and Logan took out another Sentinel. At the moment that the Sentinels had adapted to their powers and were on the verge of killing the X-Men, every Sentinel was completely destroyed and turned into molecules by an awakened Jean Grey.

Wolverine and Mystique had captured a Sentinel earlier, which Kitty examined. She discovered it had a sensor array that could track down mutants, which Kitty planned to use to help the institute locate other mutants themselves. Back in the Hellfire Club, Bolivar Trask vowed to the Lords Cardinal that the mutants would be eradicated. The battle between the Sentinels and mutants had been secretly observed by Sabretooth and the Marauders, who were recalled to debrief Sinister. In the aftermath Colossus, Beast, and Phoenix joined the X-Men.[1]

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