Future World

On Earth-5464, by the 30th century the human race has reached at the stars, and have at least begun colonizing planets in our own solar system. This reality appears to be devoid of super-human beings that are common to most realities. It also appears to have properties, races, and planets that are unique to this reality.


In this reality, by the 30th century, the planet Venus and the planet Mars are both inhabited.


It is unknown if the planet Venus in this reality developed differently so that it could sustain human life, or if it was terraformed to allow humans to survive on it's surface without any artificial assistance.


Likewise, the planet Mars is populated by a race of Martians that appear to be unique to this universe. They are a spiny war-like race seeking to conquer the planet Earth for their own. However in their only recorded attempt to conquer the Earth, they failed.[1]


The planet Earth appears to have developed much like has on most Earths. Although it is in the 30th century, most architecture, Earthbound transport, and attire resembles that of the mid 20th century. However, technological advancements have allowed humans to travel interplanetary distances.

Black Light Planet

Seemingly unique to this reality is the so-called Black Light Planet home to the Black Light Men. The origins of this world are unknown, however it travels it's own independent propulsion thanks to the Black Light Men's gravitational technology. Their planet is also enveloped in darkness making it impossible to see unless viewed through a "Negative Spot-Ray". It is a cold world, and its inhabitants are vulnerable to heat. They appear to be fortune hunters, as they once attempted to conquer the Earth and sell it to the Martians.[2]

Law Enforcement

Interplanetary Secret Service

The Interplanetary Secret Service (ISS) is a law enforcement body that defends Earth's solar system from attacks. They have two notable branches on both Earth and on Venus. Their most famous member is Henry "Whirlwind" Carter who was the ISS commander on Venus, and was later awarded to defend Earth as well following his assistance in preventing the Earth from being conquered by Martians. He also assisted in defeating the Black Light Men as well.

Space Military

Also established is a space military, that commands fleets of space ships that defend at least Earth's solar system. Their most famous member is Brenda Hale from their womans division. She would assist Whirlwind Carter in defending the Earth from invasion from both the Martians and Black Light Men. In the latter mission, she would learn the Black Light Men's weakness to fire.

Whirlwind Carter, Brenda Hale, Martians, Black Light Men

Mentioned: Daring Mystery Comics #4 (1940)

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