During the reign of King Arthur, the villain Chthon used the Darkhold to unleash a zombie virus on the populace of England. It was stopped by a group of inter-dimensional heroes: Howard the Duck of Earth-791021, Jackie Kane of Earth-483, and Machine Man of Earth-616.[1]

Within modern times, the United States has become something of an isolationist nation. The Soviet Union has survived into the twenty-first century, and is beginning its sixteenth five-year-plan under Premiere Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov. China dominates spacial colonization, having established several space stations (such as Harmony), moon bases, and spaceplanes (such as the Great Enterprise).[citation needed]

While the existence of super-humans was not unheard of, it was also not publicly known. In the United States, superhumans are monitored by "troubleshooters", and intelligence on their activities are collected in "black files".[citation needed]

The White Event was a paradigm shift that acted as a cosmic trigger and happened at 06.48 UTC on March 2, 2006. The previous minute the Chinese, Russian & USA's early warning systems went offline. The event, in which "Everything went White", could be seen from everywhere in the world (including New York, Optima Down, San Francisco, Latvia, and Fort Meade).[citation needed]

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Consequences of The White Event

  • Latvia - a landslip on Northern Coast revealed the first city of humankind, Zardath.
  • San Francisco - Izanami Randall woke up in the Superflow, the cosmic plane of consciousness accessed by all dreamers, from which all novelty and creativity flows. It is where telepathy operates. Weather in the Superflow is influenced by the Zeitgeist. The laws of physics do not apply in the Superflow.
  • New York - John Tensen was "resurrected" as Justice, and killed Thomas Alexander Reed, his nurse who tried to mercy-kill him.
  • Optima Down - Kenneth Connell was hit by the Star Brand which killed his girlfriend, Maddie Felix.
  • Fort Meade - Jennifer Swann gained her cyberpathy.
  • Fort Meade - Funding for Project Spitfire was increased by a factor of twenty sixteen hours later.[citation needed]




  • The events of September 11, 2001 never occurred on Earth-555, and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center remain standing in New York City.
  • The Beatles' John Lennon survives on Earth-555, and was born on either March 1 or 2, 1940 (and not October 9, 1940 as in real life). Paul McCartney, on the other hand, was shot to death in Liverpool on that same day in 1987.
  • On Earth-555, Oklahoma is apparently adjacent to a large body of water.
  • Hillary Clinton was President of the United States in 2006.

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