The reality of the Spidey Super Stories segments from the TV series The Electric Company.

Home world of Jennifer of the Jungle, Captain Mighty, Mad Scientist, Wall, and Blowhard.

Other Residents

Charlie (Student) (Earth-57780)

Charlie (Student) (Earth-57780) from Spidey Super Stories Vol 1 19 0001


Charlie intervention distracted Spider-Man and Silver Surfer so that they stopped fighting and recognized their mistake in confronting each other.[1]

  • In 1974, following the debut of Spider-Man on The Electric Company, Marvel Comics launched Spidey Super Stories comic. Aimed at younger readers, the series featured Spider-Man, his friends, and regular rogues gallery, as well as guest appearances by other heroes, mingling with Electric Company characters like Rita the director, Easy Reader, and Fargo North, Decoder.