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This reality was created by Wanda Maximoff at her brother Pietro's request. Driven mad by her powers and the loss of her children, Wanda manipulated reality to create Earth-58163, a world where her loved ones were granted their deepest desires.[2]

Mutant-Human War[]

In this reality, rising tensions between humanity and the growing mutant community led to all-out war in the late 20th century. During the early stages of the Mutant-Human War, mutants were driven into hiding by mankind. Scattered and leaderless, the divided mutants were losing the war. Civil wars between humans and mutants began tearing apart not only countries, but entire continents. During this period of insurgency, the ancient mutant Apocalypse and the young Magneto emerged as leaders of the mutant resistance.[3]

Disturbed by Apocalypse's brutal and merciless methods, Magneto challenged him for leadership and won. Moments thereafter, Magneto was launched onto the world stage. Using his magnetic powers he destroyed a fleet of Sentinel robots and declared war against humanity. Having claimed the war's first victory, Magneto's speech was aired live to the entire world.[4][5][3]

While humanity's leaders were horrified and hardened in their resolve to destroy mutantkind, this victory gave hope to the thousands of mutants in the world, who then rallied behind Magneto. Despite this early victory, the war would not be short and remained a guerrilla war for many years. Years after Magneto's declaration of war, the mutant resistance claimed their first major victory in the liberation of Genosha, by a mutant strike force led by Magneto and Charles Xavier.[4][5]

Now liberated, Genosha would become the first mutant nation on Earth. Now a head of state, Magneto sought aid for his people. He turned to other outsider-nations, like Atlantis, Wakanda, and Attilan. While not gaining the aid he had hoped for, Wakanda officially recognized Genosha as a mutant nation, Attilan entered into a defense pact with it and Atlantis agreed to send arms and financial aid.[6]

Hoping to provoke a war that would allow him to destroy Genosha and mutantkind once and for all, U.S. vice president Bolivar Trask sent a squad of assassins into Genosha with the goal of killing Magneto, using the murder of Graydon Creed as his reason for striking. When the assassins killed Charles Xavier, Magneto led a strike team against the White House itself. After learning that Trask had retreated to Manhattan to launch nukes against Genosha, Magneto pursued him. Here, Magneto and his mutants defeated Trask's non-metallic Sentinels, while King Black Bolt of the Inhumans defended Genosha from the American missiles. After capturing President Nixon, the war was effectively over. Magneto presented proof to the public of a grand, multinational anti-mutant conspiracy. With the U.S. defeated, Magneto ushered in a new world order; dominated by mutantkind, and where he reigned supreme.[7][4][5]

Mutant Utopia[]

The world became a Mutant Utopia, in which mutants no longer had to hide and were able to live their lives to the fullest. As they are able to use their abilities without restrictions, they have been able to accomplish things that humans could not have thought possible in their wildest dreams. While the mutants prospered and multiplied, humans became a minority as they dwindled. Humans are tolerated by mutants, but due to their simple genetic structure they are at a definitive disadvantage and among the humans only a few have truly prospered (e.g. Tony Stark).[4][5]

S.H.I.E.L.D., the worldwide intelligence and peacekeeping organization which had previously waged war against mutantkind, now serves Magneto and his family. Sebastian Shaw was placed in command of S.H.I.E.L.D. and works to assure that mutants remain in control of the world. Its top strike force is the Red Guard, which is led by Wolverine. The organization uses a combination of mutant agents, Sentinel robots, and human agents to maintain the new world order.[4]

Every day, thousands of mutants emerge throughout the world. The best and brightest of them receive training to become the soldiers and leaders of the future. Two academies were established, one of which trains them to become leaders and diplomats (the New Mutant Leadership Institute in the former United Nations building in New York City) and the other one trains them to become S.H.I.E.L.D. Magnus Agents (at a military school within the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier).[4]

Geopolitical World[]

  • Genosha: Previously home to an apartheid regime built on mutant slave-labor, the island of Genosha is now the crown jewel of the mutant world and Magneto's center of power. He resides here together with his family and rules the world with an iron fist.[4]
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: After years of deadly civil wars which tore most of the continent apart, the mutant Ororo Munroe used her powers to help usher peace into the continent. For this, the people of her native Kenya made her their queen. Ororo was instrumental in helping Magneto overthrow the human regimes of Africa, and ensured that both humans and mutants escaped the wars largely unscathed. With her help, Africa has become a world power. The continent is the world's breadbasket, and continues to be a peaceful place for both mutants and humans. Her beliefs in regards to humans and mutants have put her at odds with Magneto, and brought her closer to Wakanda, the last human-ruled nation in Africa.[4]
  • North Africa: The lone exception within the largely peaceful continent of Africa is the domain ruled by Apocalypse, an ancient mutant and one of Magneto's most trusted lieutenants. Early in the war he fought Magneto for leadership of mutantkind. He lost but Magneto spared him and offered him a place at his side. For his invaluable services in the Human-Mutant war, Magneto placed him in charge of North Africa. Contrary to Magnus' wishes, Apocalypse and his Horsemen enslaved the human population as Apocalypse quietly plotted against Magneto. Nevertheless, Magnus turned a blind eye to Apocalypse's ruthless methods, due to his usefulness.[4][8]
  • Atlantis: Ruling the undersea kingdom of Atlantis is Namor, a veteran of World War II and widely believed to be the first mutant hero. Namor and his nation has little contact with the surface world. While dealing with Magnus and the House of M from time to time, it is clear that Namor does not approve of how Magneto rules the world.[4]
  • Europe: Victor von Doom is a brilliant scientist, inventor, and mystic who realized that mutants were the next step in the evolution of humanity. Wanting to be on the winning side of the Mutant-Human War, he offered to fight on Magneto's side and became his most successful ally. Though they didn't trust each other, they respected each other's abilities and power. Doom now rules the nation of New Latveria which controls a good chunk of Europe. He created his own superhumans, the Fearsome Four which serves Magneto as a strike force. Doom's growing frustrations with Magneto and at being seen as his human lapdog are tempered by his understanding that Magneto is far too powerful to turn against without a plan.[4]
  • United Kingdom: Despite being a human Captain Britain had no prejudices against mutants, as both his siblings were mutants. When Britain joined the war against the mutants he refused to take part, instead dedicating himself to protecting Britain from outside threats. As a result of his efforts Britain was relatively unscathed by the end of the war. With the UK:s armies defeated, Magneto asked Captain Britain to take control of the United Kingdom. Under his reign, the United Kingdom has entered a new golden age, one in which mutants, superhumans, humans, and even mystical creatures are accepted.[4]

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