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Following another mocking from Julian, David believes that he’s useless if he can’t keep the knowledge he absorbs. After a session with Emma Frost, he finds out that a mental block in his mind prevents him from keeping it. He wants it removed. After a discussion with Dani, David decides to go for it. The plan works and, day after day, David absorbs everything he can: from science knowledge to fighting skills. But his attitude too changes, and not in the good way. Later, new Field Day contests are held, and this year the New Mutants win. David also gets a trophy for all-around academic excellence. A few hours later, David announces that the school has got nothing more to offer him and leaves. However, he promises to help Josh find the full potential of his powers. Three months pass. In this time, David creates his very own Alleyne Enterprises and gathers a press conference. Proudly, he announces to have found a cure for both cancer and AIDS. And he did that together with Josh Foley, who agreed to serve as test object. But unfortunately, this caused Josh to die.

Eighteen years later. Dani gets summoned to David, who is now the president of the United States. He informs her about his plan to bring world peace, and is close to reach it. But not all countries have joined America yet, and therefore David wants to destroy China, in the hope that the other countries will join his land peacefully. Dani tries to fight back, but gets bound on a chair and killed by toxins. He regrets the decision, as he once loved Dani and would have done everything for her if he ever showed some affection back. David’s wife, Noriko, sees it all happening and runs away from him. She gathers the entire New Mutants team, and they plan a counter attack. Despite their many differences, they make a truce with the Hellions and attack the White House. David has foreseen it all happening, and had a back-up plan. He faked a threat in outer space the Hellions were responsible for, and sent the entire X-Men team to investigate it. They did and, once on the crime scene, David blew it up, killing all the X-Men. Everyone fights back, but David kills most of the Hellions and the New Mutants. Noriko is left, and she overloads her powers. Thereby killing herself, David and blowing up the entire White House. Emma Frost and Dani stop the session, and hope that David has seen why he isn’t ready for his mental block to be removed. David freaks out, but Dani and Emma make it clear that it was all just a mixture of telepathy, and Dani used her fear powers on David to make him experience it all like it was very real. David agrees for the block not to be removed, and wants to study and hope that his future achievements will all be earned. He walks out with Dani, and they clear up their relationship and both agree that David’s affections towards her can never become reality.

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