Very little is know about Earth-61029. After Nimrod was activated in the Days of Future Past and killed Kate Pryde, he attempted to duplicate Rachel Summers' time-travel and follow her into the past. Nimrod under shot his destination and arrive only 19 years in the past instead of full 35 years in the past. After becoming oriented to the new timeline, Nimrod headed to Eagle Plaza in Dallas, Texas to find the Maker. Nimrod engaged the Munroe family and killed Storm. Then Nimrod threatened to kill Orora then Naze if Maker did modify him with a time machine.[1] Maker complied and Nimrod traveled 21 years back in time to be discovered by William Stryker in an abandoned church in Dallas, Texas.[2]

Maker, Storm, Orora Munroe, Naze Munroe

Exists 16 years after M-Day and 19 years prior to Days of Future Past

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