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This reality was created when God Emperor Doom put together the remains of two different realities, one similar to Earth-616, the other similar to Earth-1610, building the Kingdom of Manhattan on his Battleworld.[1]

Also the Monster Metropolis from the reality similar to Earth-616 was recreated by God-Emperor Doom, situated under the 616-like version of Manhattan.[2]

Later, after the destruction of Battleworld and the rebuilding of the Multiverse by Mister Fantastic, the "space" where the remains of Battleworld endured as Earth-15513, the Battlerealm.[3][4][5]

The remains of Earth-61610 became one of the domains used by the Elders of the Universe for their Contest of Champions as the Ultimate End domain.[6]


  • Though Marvel has officially stated that Doom was behind the merging of the 616-like dimension and the 1610-like dimension that created this new reality, Ultimate End #1 shows that the residents of said reality believe the point of divergence from their parent realities, or rather the point of merging, to be All-New X-Men #31, where a portal connecting the 616-like universe and 1610-like universe fused the two realities, rather than dissipating as it did in the original two realities.

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