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The history of Earth-6311, more commonly referred to as Other Earth, was similar to that of Earth-616 (Earth) up until around 450 CE to 500 CE. The period of time starting during these 50 years and extending to around 800 CE, referred to as the Dark Ages on Earth, were filled with the great leaps of exploration and discovery characteristic of its counterpart’s 20th century.[3]

During this time, the people of Other Earth were able to establish a colony on their moon, Luna. The colony prospered, eventually declaring independence and igniting a war with Other Earth. The war lasted six months, ending with the detonation of a weapon that destroyed the Luna entirely. As a result of the weapon’s detonation, pieces of Luna were sent colliding with Other Earth, devastating the globe. The fragmentation of the continents divided human civilization into isolate pockets, struggling to survive.

It was into this desolation that Nathaniel Richards, using his time-machine, arrived from Earth. He was able to reunite the isolated parts of human civilization and spread technological innovations among them. In the process, he forms an alliance with a matriarchal society, taking one of their own, their Queen's daughter, named Cassandra as his wife.

He took an ancient citadel that had survived the war with Luna as his home base from which to rule the reintegrating human societies. He ruled peacefully for a period of time, ceding more an more control to Cassandra, not knowing that she had taken to wearing his armor, exercising power, and ruling the world ruthlessly as the tyrant known as Warlord.

In 1127, the Fantastic Four arrived from Earth using the same machine Richards had used years before. They formed an alliance with the same matriarchal society he had years before to remove the Warlord from power.

By the year 3000, the descendants of Nathaniel and Cassandra Richards had brought peace and prosperity to Other Earth.[4]


  • Brett Colby: a member of a group of people living in a society resembling the 19th century Old West of United States, but with technologically advanced weaponry.
  • King Carelius
  • Baltag
  • Morgan
  • Ape mutates with sub-human intelligence. Nathaniel Richards (Earth-616) designed devices to raise their intelligence so that they could be used as laborers.
  • Eyriennes: A matriarchal society, who refer to their base of operations as the "Eyrie" and ride on mechanical birds. Nathaniel Richards (Earth-616) married a woman belonging to this group.

Former Residents[]


  • Environment: Earthlike

Usual Means Of Access: Vibrational attunement (Time machines have proven able to access this reality)

Dominant Lifeform: Humanoid

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