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Quote1 So. This is Twenty-Ninety-Nine, is it? Looks like a crap episode of Doctor Who. The future ain't what it used tae be, eh, lads? Quote2
Mutant X (Kevin MacTaggert)[src]


During the events known as the House of M in Earth-616, the body-stealing, reality-altering mutant known as Proteus was resurrected and encountered the reality-hopping Exiles. After probing their minds, he learned of the existence of other realities. By accessing Panoptichron's mainframes via the Tallus, he also learned how he might use his reality-altering powers to tear holes in the fabric of the multiverse and travel between dimensions. One such reality visited in his quest for an inexhaustible body was Earth-928 in the year 2099. Proteus came directly from Earth-15731, an alternate version of the New Universe. There he had taken over the body of John Tensen, a.k.a. Justice.

The existing timeline of Earth-928 dictated that John Tensen would be brought through Dr. Jordan Boone's "virtual un-reality" inter-dimensional-interface. He would then go on to become the Net Prophet, a being of great insight (believed to be a prophet of Thor) who subtly guided various malcontents through the realities' corporate dystopia.

Instead, a Proteus-controlled Tensen emerged from the machine, and immediately demanded Dr. Boone use his authority and know-how to find a suitable replacement body for him. Boone eventually guided Proteus to John Eisenhart, the invincible Hulk. Proteus was able to take over the Hulk body well before the Exiles caught up with him.

The Exiles, meanwhile, had enlisted the help of both Longshot, and Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara). Unfortunately, Proteus' reality warping powers got the better of the team, and also drew enough attention (when he morphed the entire Stark-Fujikawa building in New York into an monstrous, writhing creature) that O'Hara's unmasking went live across the entire info-net. Proteus then escaped to another reality.

With his life now forfeit in his home reality, O'Hara joined the Exiles. Boone was last seen entertaining offers from Corporations such as Alchemax and powerful men such as Victor von Doom for the rights to his genius and his virtual un-reality device which caused the whole mess.

Proteus' machinations ultimately caused Earth-928 to diverge into Earth-6375 in order to avoid paradox.



  • The designation Earth-6375 is given in Proteus' entry in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, which confirms that Proteus arrived in the era of Marvel 2099 (Earth-928), but that his actions cause it to diverge into Earth-6375, respectively. The original Exiles comics only cite Earth-928.

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