In this reality, Tony Stark sold his Iron Man technology during the 1960's, allowing the US to win the Vietnam War and led to the production of armors for use in combat, construction, mining, and other jobs. This however caused a new arms race between the various governments of the world, and ended the age of heroes since non-tech heroes could not compete with the technologically advanced Heroes and Villains that rose up. In addition, the US government also used the technology to build stronger and better Sentinels that subsequently hunted the Mutant Race into near-extinction.

In 1982, Magneto declared war on the United Nations and technology for what has been done to the mutant race. Thor, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Elektra, Hank Pym and Wasp come out of retirement to fight him, soon joined by a vengeful Tony Stark, who wishes to use Magneto's powers to plunge the earth into a new Dark Age in order to undo his mistake. After being talked out of his doomsday plan by James Rhodes, Iron Man managed to capture Magneto, but Thor manages to convince him not to kill the villain. He claims Stark can make up for what he has done by being a hero, to which Tony agrees. A new age of heroes begins.

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