Everyone in the world is one of the undead. The living were not endured on this world nor do they welcomed interdimensional police (e.g. Captain Britain Corps). The Orb of Necromancy was hidden by Brother Voodoo, who put it deep in Shuma-Gorath's Ego Maze, in the Center Tower where an undead Celestial was located and who was their god, and with the Orb, they planned to spread undeath to all of reality.[1]

It is currently in a unique position, as its populations is divided between a variety of subtypes of supernatural creatures: vampires, werewolves, mummies and others. The divide between the various groups is social and deep-rooted, with parts of the world ruled by various factions. However, in this world is some hope, as the greatest heroes of the various groups are united to protect the world as the Avengers of the Undead.



  • This reality was originally labelled in solicitations as Earth-4680.


  • Given the supernatural nature of its residents, the number of this reality references how 666 is widely known as "The Number of the Beast". Amusingly, the alternative to 666 in some translations of the Bible is 616, the number used for Marvel's "regular" Earth.

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