When loyal all-American Steven Rogers is excluded from the World War II draft due to Polio, he volunteers for a top secret government program testing a "Super Serum". The serum elevates Rogers to the peak of human perfection, and he takes up the mantle of Captain America.

During a battle with his new arch nemesis Tadzio de Santis, otherwise known as The Red Skull, Rogers ends up frozen in the Alaskan tundra until he thaws out in 1990. Rogers then catches up on history, and learns that de Santis is now the head of an Italian crime family, intent on assassinating the President of the United States, Thomas Kimball. Rogers and de Santis engage in a battle, only for de Santis to pull out a detonation device for an unseen explosive. Rogers uses quick thinking to distract de Santis, giving him enough time to knock de Santis off the edge of a cliff to his implied death.[1]