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In this world the Avengers and X-Men are in a constant rivalry, and many of the Marvel Universe's heroes are young children.[1]

After this reality was destroyed by the phenomenon known as the incursions, its remains were incorporated into God-Emperor Doom's Battleworld, becoming the domain known as Marville.[2]


  • Charles Xavier and Peter Parker have appeared as both children and adults in this universe.
    • Xavier appeared as an adult in Giant-Size Little Marvel, but as a child in Dawn of X Baby Variant covers.
    • Parker appeared as a child in every single issue, but appeared as an adult for the Baby Variant cover of Spider-Man and the X-Men.
  • Despite all heroes and villains being children, the children of certain heroes are also present (i.e., Shatterstar being present despite both Dazzler and Longshot being babies, or Dani Cage being present despite both Jessica Jones and Luke being babies).


  • This universe is also home to all of the Skottie Young Baby Variants. As such, there are several characters whom exist in this universe, but have only ever been seen in covers.

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