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Having a similar history with Earth-92131 (Spider-Man: The Animated Series's Reality), this Earth's Peter Parker finally found Mary Jane Watson after she disappeared in the dimensional portal created by the Goblin. Peter rejoined the Daily Bugle, making photos for J. Jonah Jameson. When Jameson's son, John, who was a famous astronaut, started his journey to another mysterious planet, the Symbiotes Venom and Carnage tried to enter in the shuttle and Peter, who was making photos of John for the Daily Bugle, for stopping the two symbiotes, entered in the shuttle, too. [1]

Peter, John and the symbiotes ended up in the other planet, stated to be the "Counter-Earth", a planet setted opposite to the Earth in the Sol System. This planet is inhabited by genetic modified creatures called the Bestials. Their maker was the man known as the High Evolutionary, who is originary of the planet Earth and reign over New York City using the Machine Men Police Force and his Bestial Elite, Knights of Wundagore.[2]

While Peter became friend of Dr. Naoko Yamada and her son Shayne, John joined the Human Resistence, helping his race fighting the Bestials. [3]

Peter decided also to keep his secret identity as Spider-Man, helping the Rebels and fighting the forces of the High Evolutionary, those of the Symbiotes, who wanted to conquer the planet, also teaming-up with the Green Goblin (who is secretly Hector Jones, Naoko Yamada's missing husband and Shayne's father) [4] and the Vulture, heroes on the Counter-Earth [5], and fighting the Counter-Earth versions of Kraven the Hunter and Electro.[6][7]


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