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Quote1 That's it. In this world it takes days to preform the simplest actions. Weeks even! Quote2


During the Great Hunt, Morlun came to this reality to consume its Spider-Totem, but being irked because of the time it takes to do simple actions, he left. Then the Master Weaver isolated this Earth from the Great Web, containing it in its own pocket dimension (and telling Morlun the universe collapsed because it was "chronally unstable").[1]


  • Stan Lee had written the strip since 1977 (although he has used uncredited ghostwriters, including Roy Thomas) until his death in 2018. His brother Larry Lieber did the pencils on the daily strip, with Alex Saviuk inking. The Sunday strips were penciled by Saviuk with inks by Joe Sinnott.
  • Superman has been referenced, but it is unclear if he is being referred to as a fictional character or an actual person in this reality.
  • This reality is possibly safe from incursions, as it was cut off from the rest of the Multiverse by the Master Weaver.[1]

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