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Rampaging Hulk takes place in this reality in 1963, a year after Bruce Banner became the Hulk.[1] On Earth-616 This reality is seen in a Techno-Art movie by Bereet. [2]


  • The first set of stories including Bereet (in Rampaging Hulk) was later retconned into a fictional film that Bereet made on Krylor. Effectively, those stories never involved the real Hulk but were "interpolations" of what he could have done.
  • Earth-7711 has some similar history to Earth-616, as indicated by the footnotes in some issues of Rampaging Hulk. Rampaging Hulk #1 indicates that in the year between Banner becoming Hulk and the start of Rampaging Hulk, the events of the six issues of Incredible Hulk happened. Rampaging Hulk #5 indicates that the events of Fantastic Four Annual #1 previously occurred at some point, while Rampaging Hulk #6 has a footnote implying the events of Avengers #3 will happen at some point in the future.

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