Much of the past history on Earth-7712 likely mirrors that of Earth-616, with the major notable divergence occurring when the Fantastic Four gained their powers. Much like their Earth-616 counterparts, Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm would take an unauthorized flight in Reed's experimental rocket into space and be exposed to Cosmic Ray. In this reality, the Fantastic Four would all obtain different powers:

Reed Richards would become a disembodied brain with great telepathic abilities, dubbed Big Brain; Sue Storm would gain elastic powers and take on the identity of Ultra-Woman; Johnny the power to turn into a humanoid robot form that could generate powerful electric blasts, calling himself Mandroid; lastly Ben Grimm would grow reptilian style wings and become known as Dragonfly.

Much like on Earth-616 they would form into the Fantastic Four, and set up operations in the Baxter Building in New York City. They would clash with such foes as Miracle Man, Sub-Mariner, the Skrulls, and the Mole Man.

In this reality Dr. Doom would be likewise a despotic ruler from Latveria, however his scientific prowess would yield lesser advances as he had not developed a time machine like his Earth-616 counterpart. He would employ a demon to steal Black Beards treasures from a museum, however the creature would be stopped by the Fantastic Four. Seeking to destroy the FF after learning that their leader Big Brain was his old university rival Reed Richards. While the Fantastic Four would otherwise be distracted, Dr. Doom would approach Richards and offer him a new body, working on his fears of losing Sue Storm's love to Ben Grimm. However, even though Doom would learn that it was all a deception on Doom's part. As the FF would come to Reed's rescue in Latveria, Doom would gain the upper hand in battle. Richards would unleash the full mental powers on Doom to save his comrades in general, and Sue in particular. In the resulting assault Doom would attempt to blow them both up. Doom would fail, and Reed would use his powers to switch minds with Doom. In Doom's body now, Richards would rename himself to Mr. Fantastic[1].

The Fantastic Four of Earth-7712 would next be used as pawns of the Time Variance Authority to stop Immortus from absorbing enough chronal energy to take over the all time. The Fantastic Four would be sent to confront the past version of Immortus and prevent him from absorbing a massive amount of chronal energy. Threatened by their appearance, Nathaniel Richards would activate advanced weaponry to kill them[2]. While a number of those used by the TVA in the Timequake event were restored to life afterward it remains unrevealed if the Fantastic Four of Earth-7712 were revived along with them.

Later when Vangaard would visit Earth-7712 when traveling the Multiverse on a mission to eliminate entire realities he considered to be redundant[3]. The ultimate fate of Earth-7712 remains unrevealed.

Fantastic Four (Big Brain/Mr. Fantastic, Ultra-Woman, Mandroid and Dragonfly), Miracle Man, Sub-Mariner, the Skrulls, and the Mole Man, Dr. Doom

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