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Originally on Earth-616, shortly after Peter Parker became Spider-Man he would visit the Fantastic Four seeking to earn a job with the group. They would reject him, sending the hero off to try and prove himself as a superior hero.

On Earth-772, events would happen differently as the sympathetic Invisible Girl would convince him to stay and learning Spider-Man's financial plights would agree to let him join their group renaming themselves the Fantastic Five.

Events would happen differently that would have major impacts on the the FF and Spider-Man's histories. When the Fantastic Five would announce Spider-Man's membership into the group J. Jonah Jameson would be forced to back down from his budding campaign of editorials demonizing Spider-Man. The news would convince the Chameleon to give up his plot to steal defense plans for the Russians. The group would also easily defeat the Vulture quashing his criminal career before it could begin.

When going to explore the Blue Area of the Moon, the Fantastic Five would leave Sue behind to monitor their adventure as they had not yet modified Reed's rocket to seat five people. As her comrades battled Red Ghost and his Super-Apes, a Puppet Master controlled Namor would hypnotize Sue into coming with him to Atlantis. Returning from the Moon victorious the FF would learn of Sue's disappearance and go to her rescue. However by then Sue would have regained control of her mind and decide to stay with Namor and be his bride subjecting herself to a process that would allow her to breath underwater.

Eventually Reed would become consumed with jealousy over Namor and Sue's romance and it would effect the now Fantastic Four to the point where the group would split up. Reed, along with Johnny would try to get the United Nations to attack Atlantis however this ruse would be exposed by the thing. This would prompt Johnny and Reed into attacking Atlantis on their own. Attempting to slay every Atlantean, Reed would soon give up his quest when he realized that Sue was pregnant with Namor's child Leonard McKenzie giving up his vendetta and leaving Atlantis. Johnny would not be so easily swayed and would leave vowing to get revenge.

This would not come to pass, as for reasons unrevealed Sue would return to the surface, her ability to breath under water reversed. The Fantastic Five would reunite and Reed and Sue would be married and Sue would become pregnant with Reed's child. However due to her mutated nature the pregnancy would be complicated, and would send the remaining members of the Fantastic Five into the Negative Zone to get Annihilus's cosmic control rod. They would find opposition from Dr. Doom whom was being manipulated by the Time-Twisters to kill Franklin Richards, Earth-772's Nexus Being, by convincing Doom that the Cosmic Control Rod could free his mother from the grasps of Mephisto. However the truth would be revealed to Doom by the Whisperer and he would aid the Fantastic Five in saving Sue's life. Doom would seemingly perish however he would be pulled out of time by Immortus who would use him and a team of other alternate reality heroes to stop the Time-Twisters from succeeding in their plot. Ultimately, they would succeed and Doom would be returned to his native Earth-772.

Earth-772 may also have other differences prior to the formation of the Fantastic Five, such as its Thor having red hair.[1]

One alternate future of Earth-772 exists and was visited by Wolverine of Earth-811 and Spider-Girl of Earth-1122. This reality has been designated Earth-1123.


  • Although an Earth-772 version of Thor was never shown in Earth-772's appearances, Earth-772's Doom mentioned that on his world, Thor had red hair.[1]

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