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On this world, history would be the same as they occurred on Earth-616 until the birth of the Hulk. In this reality, Bruce Banner would be exposed to the effects of the gamma bomb, but instead of initially transforming into the grey-skinned brute in his first transformation, he would transform into his typical green-skinner variety, and retaining the intellect of Bruce Banner, thus the world would never be menaced by the Hulk like it was on Earth-616.

Upon his initial transformation, Banner and Rick Jones would be shocked to find that Bruce now had a monstrous form and enhanced strength. Realizing his assistant Igor Drenkov was a Russian spy, Banner would confront and easily subdue him, and would almost kill him had Rick not talked him out of it. Leaving Drenkov in his house to fetch the military police, Drenkov would call his master the Gargoyle to report his findings. The Gargoyle would attack Bruce, Rick and Betty Ross however Bruce's superior strength and kind words would convince the Gargoyle to give up his bid for world conquest, return to Russia and use his knowledge for good causes and they would part as friends.

With his transformations happening only at night, Bruce would pursue a relationship with Betty whom would accept Bruce's transformations. He would also quickly reconcile with her father General Ross and Bruce and Betty would soon build a life together and get married. Bruce would then be called in by the Fantastic Four's leader Reed Richards to help find a cure for Ben Grimm. They would succeed in curing Ben leading to the end of the Fantastic Four, and Bruce and Betty would soon move in with Reed and Susan Richards. They would soon be joined by Charles Xavier and they would pool their resources together to create the Psychotron, a device that could merge Banner, Richards and Xavier into one being.

When Galactus would menace the Earth, the three brilliant minds would soon find that only the Psycotron could hold the key to saving their world and would use it to merge into the gestalt being called the X-Man. It would be confronted by the human Ben Grimm who would not know who the X-Man was and would be knocked aside before it would battle Galactus to victory. With Galactus in mental combat, the X-Man would collapse and separate into it's three components. Banner, Xavier, and Richards would be horrified to find that the process had stripped them of their super-powers, and worse: Ben Grimm would be mutated into the Thing again. The Thing would be stronger than ever and hostile toward humans and would soon become a menace to the world, hunted and hounded by the military.


Bruce Banner, Rick Jones, Betty Banner, Igor Drenkov, Gargoyle, General Ross, Loki, Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch, Thing), Alicia Masters, Professor X, Galactus, X-Man

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