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On Earth-776 reality would diverge shortly after the formation of that realities Avengers. Following their battle against the Space Phantom their Avenger's mistrust in the Hulk would lead to the entire team disbanding over the groups disagreement over how to handle the Hulk. While Iron Man would wish to go after him, Giant-Man and the Wasp would think it wrong to force the Hulk to stay with them and Thor would be disinterested, leaving to focus on threats to Asgard instead. The only person who would side with Iron Man would be Rick Jones. When the Hulk would attack Rick, Iron Man would come to his rescue, his armor getting seriously damaged while driving the Hulk away.

The Hulk would soon gain an alliance with the Sub-Mariner and would contact Iron Man to issue a challenge to the Avengers. Unable to tell the two that the Avengers disbanded, Iron Man would call Rick Jones, Henry Pym, and Janet Van Dyne to help in battling the Hulk and Sub-Mariner, designing them all special suits of armor to combat them while enhancing their natural abilities. When training them how to use the armor, Iron Man would grow frustrated with their inability to grasp the armors function and lash out at them making Janet and Henry walk out on him. Realizing time is running out, Iron Man would super charge his armor and go off to face the Sub-Mariner and Hulk alone.

He would have the upper hand in battle but be easily defeated in combat against the two and left for dead. Rick Jones meanwhile would convince Janet and Henry to help and they would track Iron Man to the battle field where they would battle Namor and the Hulk. During the fight Henry would be seriously injured by the Hulk, and Iron Man would use the last of his armors power to revive him. When the Hulk realizes that one of the "iron men" is his friend Rick, the Hulk attacks the Sub-Mariner when he threatens Rick's life, the two battle underwater to a standstill and retreat, leaving the remaining "Armored Avengers" to learn that Tony Stark is Iron Man and that he sacrificed his life so that they might survive the battle.


Avengers/Armored Avengers (Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man, Wasp, Hulk), Rick Jones, Sub-Mariner

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