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Quote1.png Oh, and if you're one of those folks who takes his Marvel Universe continuity seriously --and after all, who doesn't-- I'd advise you not to put too much stock in the following tale. After all, are you going to believe a guy who'll rewrite Doctor Doom's origin for the sake of a cheap joke? It was either laughs or continuity, so continuity went out the window. Hopefully, there'll be enough laughs to compensate! Quote2.png
Fred Hembeck


A comedic look at the Marvel Universe as created by Fred Hembeck.


  • The residents of the Hembeck-verse may all have some amount of Comic Awareness since several of them such as Luke Cage[1] and Moon Knight[2] have directly interacted with the audience and speech bubbles. Whilst several such as Dazzler[3] and Doc Samson[4] discussing the cancellation and revival of their own respective series', these however may also be referring to there own in-universe comic series' instead of our realities version.

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