On Earth-78327, events would diverge from Earth-616 during the faithful exhibition that would find a spider bombarded with a massive dose of radiation. In this reality, astronaut John Jameson would be in attendance, finding the experiments of interest and he would be bitten by the irradiated spider. Witnessing the event, young high school student Peter Parker would collect the dead spider for further examination.

When John would be in the gym next, he would be surprised to find that he was endowed with the proportionate abilities of a spider. With his father, Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson witnessing these displays, he would encourage his son to become a costumed super-hero, becoming Spider-Jameson the super-astronaut, fashioning a spider/space suit themed costume complete with jet pack. As John would use his powers to fight crime, his father would glowingly publish his exploits in the Daily Bugle.

Some days later, Peter Parker would come to the Daily Bugle looking for a job, and Jameson would be reluctant to give one to him. Deciding to give him a chance to wow him by taking a spectacular picture of his son in action, Jameson drags Parker along when Spider-Jameson would fly off to stop an out of control space capsule that he was supposed to pilot if it weren't for his spider-powers. Despite his best efforts, John would not be able to prevent the capsule from crashing, however his superior strength would allow him to act as a cushion, saving the astronauts inside, at the cost of his life.

After John's death, his father would have a statue erected in his honor in Central Park, and during the funeral ceremony, Peter Parker would offer his condolences. Jameson would tell Peter to look at the statue for inspiration and Peter would get it: Realizing the root of John's powers came from the radioactive spider, Peter would extract some of the spiders radioactive venom and create a serum that would enodw him with similar powers. Peter would then develop a costume and take John Jameson's place as the costumed hero known as the Amazing Spider-Man.

Spider-Jameson, J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man

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