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History on Earth-788 would mirror that of Earth-616 until the time which Donald Blake would take his fateful trip to Norway. In this reality, Jane Foster would accompany him on the trip. When the alien Kronans would use Norway as the staging ground for their invasion of Earth, Blake and Foster would stumble upon the plot. As they would flee from the Kronans, it would be Jane who slides down the cliff (going after Blake's walking stick) to the cavern where Odin hid and disguised Thor's hammer Mjolnir as a simple walking stick. When Jane would come across it she would strike it against a rock and be transformed into an avatar for Thor's powers. Realizing that she had found the hammer of Thor, she would decide to use her powers to save the Earth, and would dub herself Thordis.

As Thordis, Foster would easily defeat the Kronans and send them fleeing, deciding to keep her double identity a secret, Jane would change back to her normal form and reunite with Blake as NATO forces would arrive to watch the invasion fleet flee. When Loki would free himself from imprisonment behind a tree he would seek to get revenge against his brother Thor and detect his power on Earth. Going there, he would be shocked to find that it was a woman who was wielding Thor's powers. Loki would attempt to trick Jane into turning over Mjolnir to a construct of Thor, however Thordis would see through the ruse and defeat Loki in battle, sending him back to Asgard.

Seeking to get revenge, Loki would go to Odin and tell him that Thor was once more active upon the Earth. Delighted that Thor had learned his lesson in humility he would call Thor back to Asgard. Instead of Thor, Jane Foster would answer the call, much to the surprise of everyone on Asgard. While initially angry, Odin would accept that fate decided that Jane Foster gain Thor's power, and after an altercation with the Warriors Three Odin would banish Thordis back to Earth, claiming his only heir was now Loki.

With Thordis gone and Odin bereaved, Loki would begin plotting to take over Asgard. Thordis meanwhile would have many adventures on Earth, clashing with foes like Radioactive Man, Molto, Mr. Hyde and Cobra. She would also help form the Avengers but feel ill at ease over the fact that the mostly male group would be intimidated by her powers. Shortly thereafter she would clash with Zarrko the Tomorrow Man.

During this time, Odin would enter his Odinsleep, but would fear the fact that Thor would not be around to defend the realm from any danger. Sif meanwhile would travel to Earth and seek out Donald Blake, forming a relationship with him. Deciding to take advantage of this, Loki would attack her leading to a clash between he and Thordis that would end in Loki's defeat. Despite the victory, Sif would be injured in battle and would require immediate medical attention, going under surgery administered by Donald Blake himself. Sif would pull through, making her bond to Blake stronger than ever.

With Ragnarok looming over Asgard, Thordis and Sif would take Donald Blake with them back to Asgard where they would fight together to prevent Mangog from pulling the Odinsword from it's sheath. Mangog would be defeated by the awoken Odin who would banish the creature. With the battle over, Odin would have Jane turn over Mjolnir and hand it over to Blake who would transform into Thor. In thanks for her part of preventing Ragnarok, Odin would transform Jane into a god and propose to her. Accepting the proposal, Jane would marry Odin and they would rule over Asgard, while Thor and Sif would return to Earth and act as it's defenders.


Jane Foster, Thor, Kronans, Asgardians, Odin, Loki, Heimdall, Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg), Sif, Balder, Radioactive Man, Molto, Mr. Hyde, Cobra, Avengers (Captain America, Giant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man), Tomorrow Man, Mangog

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