Earth-7910 would diverge from Earth-616 on the evening that Johnny Blaze would bargain his soul in order to cure his adopted father Crash Simpson of his terminal cancer. In this reality, the deal with Satan would not be interrupted by Roxanne Simpson and as such Johnny would be completely controlled by the power of the Ghost Rider.

After Crash Simpson would pull off his big stunt show at Madison Square Gardens, Satan would come to collect Johnny's part of the bargain. Forcing him to transform into the Ghost Rider, Satan would force Johnny to do his bidding. When Crash would check on the Johnny after hearing him scream he would be slain by the Ghost Rider who would ride off. Witnessing her fathers murder, Roxanne Simpson would devote her time and energy to tracking down and stopping the Ghost Rider, who was then going across the country murdering any criminal he came upon. When Roxanne would ultimately track Johnny down, she would attempt to stop him and he would kill her as well.

With no forces able to stop him, the Ghost Rider would be tracked by the Son of Satan who would attempt to convince Ghost Rider to repent his demonic ways. In failing to do so, the Ghost Rider would attempt to attack Hellstrom, and the child of Satan would be forced to use his trident to absorb Ghost Rider's hellfire, killing Johnny and ending the Ghost Rider's threat in the process.[1]

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