Earth-79101 would diverge from Earth-616 during Jessica Drew's first mission for Hydra as their super-agent Arachne. Her battle with SHIELD director Nick Fury would end fatally, when an interruption by Contessa Valentina de Fontaine. The sudden appearance of the SHIELD agent would cause Arachne to accidentally release a lethal venom blast, killing Nick Fury. Drew would manage to flee from the SHIELD base and return to Hydra headquarters where the Supreme Hydra Otto Vermis would continue to maintain Drew's loyalty by promising to reveal her origins.

Determined to avenge Fury's death, the Contessa would track down the Hydra base and raid it with SHIELD agents. In the battle, Vermis would seemingly be killed when his escape craft would be shot down while trying to escape capture. Drew would be betrayed by Vermis and left to be captured. Put in trail, Jessica attempted to convince the courts that her killing of Fury was an accident. The court would see a shocking turn of events when Vermis would show up alive and well and appear as a witness. He would explain to the courts that Drew could not be tried for murder because she was not really a human at all, but a spider mutated into humanoid form. Not willing to believe this revelation, Drew would attempt to escape with Vermis in order to learn the real truth. When SHIELD agents would attempt to subdue her, Jessica would be forced to leave Vermis behind and escape alone.

Now a wanted criminal, Jessica would alter her costume and begin calling herself Spider-Woman. She would begin searching the globe for clues that would lead her to learning the truth. In Paris, she would learn that her past is somehow tied to Wundagore Mountain, and a property that was owned by a man named Jonathan Drew. However, her informant would attempt to betray her in order to collect the reward for her capture, forcing her to blast him with a venom blast and flee the country before SHIELD could locate her.

Spider-Woman, SHIELD (Nick Fury, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Clay Quartermain, Hydra (Supreme Hydra)

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