Earth-79102 would diverge from Earth-616 during Captain Mar-Vell's mission to collect the inert body of Kree Sentry #459 from the custody of NASA. In this reality, Colonel Yon-Rogg's vendetta against Mar-Vell would not be overlooked by his superiors and Ronan the Accuser would order Yon-Rogg to be arrested. Yon-Rogg would refuse to surrender and using Nurse Una as a hostage would manage to fight his way to a ship so that he could travel to Earth and get final revenge against his hated enemy.

On Earth, Mar-Vell would have trouble stopping the Sentry from destroying the space station, and with the aid of security chief Carol Danvers would manage to destroy the Sentry. Using his Uni-Beam to magnetize a rocket, the Sentry would be pinned to the rocket while Carol would launch it into space. The rocket would then explode in orbit, destroying the Sentry.

Yon-Rogg would arrive on Earth shortly thereafter and subdue Mar-Vell, however before the Colonel could kill Mar-Vell, he would begin to suffocate, having neglected to inhale the gas that was then required by Kree's to breath normally on Earth. Before Mar-Vell could do anything, Ronan the Accuser would appear and prevent the Captain from assisting Yon-Rogg and order him back to his ship. There Mar-Vell would be put in direct contact with Imperial Minister Zarek who would commend Mar-Vell for a job well done and promote him to the position of Colonel. As Colonel of the ship, Mar-Vell would be ordered to continue monitoring the Earth, and do a threat assessment. Mar-Vell would accept the mission and vow to deal with the humans on Earth should they ever pose a threat to the Kree empire.

Kree, Colonel Mar-Vell, Nurse Una, Colonel Yon-Rogg, Ronan the Accuser, Imperial Minister Zarek, Sentry #459, Carol Danvers

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