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Earth-791021 was the location of Duckworld. In this reality Ducks evolved into Humanoid Ducks and other poultry better known as Duckworldians instead of humans. Howard the Duck visited the world with Beverly Switzler and it was retconned/merged with Earth-47920. His memories, past and family are now from Earth-791021.[1]

Stu Cicero

Stu Cicero was transported to Duckworld by Artie Zix. Stu Cicero found Ducktor Strange could send him home.[2] Attempting to go incognito via a fake duckbill mask (and fooling no one), Stu located Ducktor Strange. Though Strange didn't recall he had such powers to send Stu home, Stu reminded him that he had done it once before.[3]

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