Earth-791218 would diverge from Earth-616 shortly after Stephen Strange suffered the car accident that cost his career as a renown surgeon. In this reality, instead of revealing that Baron Mordo was secretly attempting to betray the Ancient One, Mordo would instead use his magical powers to heal Stephen's hands. Stephen would return to New York and become even more of a braggart. The Ancient One would continue to watch with growing distress as Strange would balk at a court judgement finding him guilty of malpractice. Dormammu, seeing the mystical potential in Strange would have Mordo appear before him in New York and offer to teach him in the mystic arts, enticing him with the power that he could yield.

Troubled, the Ancient One would seek out another to take his place as Sorcerer Supreme. He would attempt to recruit Dr. Doom who would refuse to be someones underling.

Growing even more desperate, the Ancient One would gather Rama Kaliph, Agatha Harkness, Anthony Druid, Mad Genghis, Lord Phyffe, and Count Carezzi to utilize their power for the coming threat. When suggesting they use the Eye of Agamotto, the Ancient One would caution against contacting Eternity as his last encounter with him almost killed him.

At the same time, Strange had surpassed Mordo in mystical power and Dormammu would decide that it was time that Strange replaced his bumbling subordinate. Strange would follow Dormammu's orders and use his mystical powers to slay Mordo with his mystical might. Meanwhile, Dormammu's sister Umar would become interested in seducing Strange in a bid to overthrow her brothers rule of the Dark Dimension. She would also contact her brother, pretending to be loyal to him. In seducing Strange she intended to betray him while he, at the same time, intended to betray her.

Back at the home of the Ancient One, Mad Genghis would find an old scroll and hand it over to Druid who would hope that it could be ideal to defeating Strange and Dormammu. Strange however would launch an attack on the Ancient Ones home, prompting the gathered magicians to erect a mystical dome of protection around themselves. When it would fail to protect them, Druid would cast the spell given to him by Genghis, despite the warnings of the Ancient One. Instead of summoning Eternity like Druid thought it would, it would instead bring their doom. As the spell is cast the Eye of Agamotto would open a doorway to the realm of Eternity. Strange and the Mad Genghis would be sucked through the portal. Strange would find himself before Eternity and attempt to attack him. Eternity, seeing Strange as a paltry threat would easily banish him back to the Earth dimension. There Stephen would be shocked by the power of Eternity.

In the aftermath of the conflict, the Ancient One would use Victoria Bentley, Wong and Hamir as avatars for the Vishanti to provide advice.

Strange meanwhile would become determined to gain more power so that he could best Eternity in combat. He would demand more power from both Dormammu and Umar, but Umar would talk him down. The next morning, Strange would be surprised when he is gifted the Eye of Agamotto by his enemies and would see it as a means of destroying them once and for all. Showing this to Dormammu, Dormammu would begrudgingly agree that he has the power of destroying the Ancient One. As Strange would prepare for the attack, all three parties would plot to destroy each other.

Strange would seemingly slay the Ancient One and his followers, and then open a portal to battle Eternity. This would play into Dormammu's plan as he would immobilize Strange and use him to amplify his powers to attack Eternity. As Strange was caught between the mystical onslaught between both Dormammu and Eternity, he would be driven almost mad. Torn between good and evil, Strange would have to make a choice between one or the other to guarantee survival. Realizing the errors of his ways, he would choose the side of good and be spared and sent back to Earth. Strange would awaken to find that the Ancient One and his followers are all alive. Humbled by the experience, Strange would as the Ancient One to teach him the mystic arts, a request the Ancient One would accept.

Dr. Strange, Ancient One, Baron Mordo, Dormammu, Umar, Dr. Doom, Mad Genghis, Agatha Harkness, Dr. Druid, Count Carezzi, Turan Barim, Lord Phyffe, Rama Kaliph, Victoria Bentley, Wong, Hamir, Vishanti, Eternity

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