On Earth-7918 history would be drastically different. This reality's version of Leonardo Da Vinci would not only satisfy himself with creating designs of revolutionary inventions -- he would actually begin working on functioning versions of these devices. This would in turn speed up human innovation sooner than most other realities. By the 16th century, the human race had created the first aircrafts, in the 19th century man would succeed in landing on the Moon, and by December 17th 1903, space faring humans would be exploring the stars.

By the 1940's, the universe would be the battle field for an intergalactic war, dividing up the known universe into two sectors: Alpha sector, and Beta sector. The primary aggressors in this war would be the warlike Betans. While Earth would set up a number of space stations and have a formidable military fleet, it would mostly remain out of the conflict, although some humans would fight in resistance movements -- most notably Nick Fury and his friend Red Hargrove. There were also traitors, notably German followers of Nazi ideals who would ally with the Betans in the hopes of being allowed dominion over the Earth should they win the war.

On December 7, 1941, the Earth would officially enter the conflict when a fleet of Betan warriors would attack Space Station Pearl. Aboard the station would be Fury and Hargrove, and during the firefight they would be rescued by Captain Samuel Sawyer who had come to the station to recruit Fury and Hargrove into his new unit dubbed the Howling Commandos. In his rescue of the two men, Sawyer would take a laser blast to the back and seemingly die.

Fury and Hargrove would take the Howling Commandos unit and train them. Although Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Junior Juniper, Dino Manelli, Izzy Cohen, and Rebel Ralston made for an eccentric group who used unorthodox tactics and weapons in the unit, Fury was able to mold the group into a cohesive fighting unit, even though they would constantly rankle him.

They would be unimpressed when they are put under the command of a robot, but would be forced to follow it's orders because it would have a higher rank than they do. They would be dispatched to Space Station Midway, where an attack was feared to be eminent, and their commanding officer would send a robot to keep an eye on the Howlers, much to Fury's chagrin. While Fury and the others would be sent to defend Midway, Red Hargrove would be sent out on a carrier attack. However, when traitor Admiral Strucker would advise the Betans of the preparations made to counter their attack on Midway station, prompting the Betan's to launch their attack earlier than planned.

Fury and his men would be redeployed to defend the station, and their robot would deduce and expose Strucker as a traitor. The Howlers would easily best Strucker and his followers in battle, as Red Hargrove would lead fighters to defend the station. Red's ship would be destroyed in the battle, and Strucker would be sucked out of an airlock battling Nick Fury. The Betan's would be forced to retreat, and Fury would rescue Red from space, although the Howler's robot would be destroyed in the cross-fire. In the battles aftermath, the commanding computer would commend them even though they blatantly disobeyed orders. Fury would begin to suspect that Sawyers mind was in the computer and would begin calling the robot by the nickname that Sawyer hated "Sam".

Subsequent events on Earth-7918 and the outcome of the intergalactic war remain unrevealed.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Betans, Captain Samuel Sawyer, Admeral Strucker, Howling Commandos (Nick Fury, Red Hargrove, Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Junior Juniper, Dino Manelli, Izzy Cohen, and Rebel Ralston)

Although taking place in space, the conflicts that occurred on Earth-7918 have analogs to similar conflicts on Earth during World War II in similar realities.

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